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Kylla Custom Rock Wear

/Kim "Kylla" Dylla - Designer and CEO

Founded in 2012 by metal vocalist and designer Kim "Kylla" Dylla with a vision of creating high quality custom stagewear and wrestling gear at a price affordable to all who perform for a living, Kylla Custom Rock Wear has taken the punk rock ethic to the arena rock level and shipped thousands of our handmade creations worldwide! We create unique designs that echo the vision of our artist's music or performer's character, whether they are independent and local or internationally touring. Designed by an experienced touring musician and pro wrestler to be durable and comfortable both on stage, in the ring, and everyday, our garments fill a unique niche in the rock fashion and custom gear market.  We also now have a manufactured Ready-to-Wear collection of some of our most popular designs that you can purchase with no wait time in various sizes!  Based in Virginia, USA and Stockholm, SWE but traveling worldwide, we now have clients in over 70 countries! Check out our image galleries for inspiration, place an order on the Ready-to-Wear or Custom Shop, or contact Kim at kyllacustomrockwear(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like a specific quote on something unique !

Rock your wardrobe, rock your life !



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