GXW sponsors many charitable giving and community outreach programs!

With the start of 2010, Ground Xero Wrestling and Cullen Entertainment are proud to announce the GXW Cares Program.  This program will be designed as a way for GXW to give back to the community and its fans.   GXW has been laying the ground work for this program for years and is proud to finally make the official announcement by President and CEO MR. Cullen.

Back on March 31st, 2009, Ground Xero Superstars stepped away from the ring in order to help a young girl by the name of Brittany Knapp. Brittany was diagnosed with Sanifilippo Syndrome which is a rare autosomal recessive lysomal storage disease that is caused by defiency in enzymes needed to break down the glycosaminogylcan. Upon hearing this, the superstars of Ground Xero Wrestling were anxious to help, doing so by participating in a burrito eating contest which served as a fundraiser in which all the proceeds went to the health care of young Brittany. Many superstars participated to show their support for the Knapp family, the day even saw Kevin Daniels of Standards and Practices win the contest itself. The fundraiser was a huge success and GXW could not have been happier to help. We would like to thank Qdoba Café for allowing Ground Xero Wrestling to participate in such an honorable cause.

In fact since 2006 Ground Xero Wrestling has been holding monthly food drives for the Richmond Food Bank at their events.  In 2008 and 2009 Ground Xero Wrestling donated more canned foods than anyone else in the Tri City Areas to The Richmond Food Bank.  This is a huge accomplishment for GXW and its fans as well as a great showcase of giving back to the community.  This is what the GXW Cares program is all about, giving back to the less fortunate and helping out in the community.

  Another huge building block for the GXW Cares program is that GXW helped its “Home Away From Home”, Ground Xero Wrestling and Hopewell Community Center to raise over $8,000 dollars for the city of Hopewell. The Hopewell Community Center then decided that the money was to be used to buy better equipment for the community center and to invest in the after school programs, sports equipment and uniforms for athletics. “I am very proud to be a part of a winning relationship with the city of Hopewell and the Hopewell Community Center and very proud to become a part of the Hopewell family, says Mr. Cullen.