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June 19 at Hopewell!

Ground Xero Wrestling presents UPRISING Saturday June 19, 2010. The action takes place at GXW's Home Away From Home The Hopewell Community Center at 100 West City Point Road Hopewell, VA. Tickets are $5 and Bell Time is 5 PM. With the fall out of Revolution Xero, Mitch A Palooza is still The GXW World Heavyweight Champion, will he continue his reighn as champion or will Phil Brown crash the party once and for all? Find out June 19 in Hopewell!

With the rivalary between President Cullen and Pharaoh against GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua reaching new heights on intensity, what will happen when all three men are in the building on the 19th! Will President Cullen finally be bought out by Martin Stanley? Or will The Pharaoh and Cullen bankrupt The Big Easy. Be there on the 19th to find out!

Also the GXW Tag Team Title Scene continues to heat up as Timmy Danger's Dangerous Masterpiece (Deimos and Raphael) have escaped from every challenge with the GXW World Tag Team Titles, at Up Rising Pretty Ugly, Standards and Practices, and The Holy Union will all be there and they all feel like they deserve a title shot. What will happen when these four teams are under one roof? Find out at Up Rising! Also in action GXW Respect Champion Shorty Smalls, Eddie Diamond, Peter Spade, The Jersey Kid, Peter Spade, and much much more!

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UPRISING at Hopewell!

THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 19... Ground Xero Wrestling presents: UPRISING! All of the intense pro-wrestling action you have come to know from GXW plus Special Guest Crush! Be there!

Results from Revolution Xero coming very soon!

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May 15
Hopewell Community Center
Hopewell, VA

"Ace of Spades" Peter Spade defeated Senor Sabado Noche after a Card Cutter

Raphael w/ Timmy Danger defeated Deacon Strickland w/ Rev. J Boogie after Danger interfered

Standards and Practices defeated Pretty Ugly

GXW Respect Champion Shorty Smalls defeated Eddie Diamond

GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua Defeated The Pharaoh

GXW World Heavyweight Champion Mitch A Palooza defeated Chris Escobar

May 22, 2010
Prince George High School
Prince George, VA

"Ace of Spades" Peter Spade defeated Treyvon Burr

Pretty Ugly defeated The Holy Union

GXW Respect Champion Shorty Smalls w/ Neil Sharkey defeated The Jersey Kidd

GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua defeated Doink The Clown and Coach Emory when Fuqua pinned Emory

Standards and Practices defeated GXW World Tag Team Champions Raphael and Deimos w/ Timmy Danger by DQ when Danger interfered

"Consequences" Austin Creed pinned Eddie Diamond

The Pharaoh pinned Head Shrinker Samu

GXW World Heavyweight Champion Mitch A Palooza defeated Phil Brown with a Party Crasher

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Hopewell June 19!

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Tomorrow @ Arizona Joes!

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May and June Shows!

May 22nd, 2010

GXW Presents: Revolution Xero Live!
Prince George High School
7801 Laurel Springs Rd.
Prince George VA, 23875

June 5th, 2010

GXW Live!
Arizona Joes: Pub and Grill
7526 Mechanicsville tpk.
Mechanicsville VA, 23111

June 19th, 2010

GXW Live!
Hopewell Community Center
100 West City Point Rd
Hopewell VA, 23860-3411

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Samu Anoa'i

This just in, another exciting update leading up to Revolution Xero at the Prince George High School on May 22nd, Samu Anoa’i has reportedly just signed a contract with Mr. David Cullin to compete on Ground Xero’s biggest show in recent history. No information has been revealed as to Samu’s role on May 22nd, but we can only assume he is looking to make a splash in The GXW World. What will happen when Samu joins the GXW locker room on May 22nd in Prince George? Join us at Revolution Xero to find out!

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Show May 15!

Ground Xero Wrestling returns to Hopewell in preparation for Revolution Xero!!

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Ground Xero Wrestling would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the GXW faithful. The GXW World has stood firmly behind this organization since it was established, and each and every event the atmosphere gets more and more electric. The success and reputation GXW has accomplished is simply unimaginable. So Mr. Cullen and the rest of the GXW roster would like to take this moment to offer a heart felt thank you to all the fans that have stood behind GXW to make it the success it is today. So thank you. And in the year 2010 please join us in pushing to make Ground Xero Wrestling the World Wide Phenomenon it is destined to be. Thank you once again!

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It's Diamond Time!

Eddie Diamond Returns at No Respect!

Months ago at Xero Hour II, Eddie Diamond was on a stretcher heading for a medical facility after a brutal attack by the Respect Champion, Shorty Smalls. The attack lead to Eddie’s spinal column being knocked out of alignment, thereby seriously injuring the Tennessee native. For months and months the GXW World has been kept in uncertainty as to whether or not Diamond would ever be able to compete again. But this past Saturday, Diamond put all those worries to bed as he shockingly out of nowhere jumped the rail, threw his neckbrace to the ground, and went on to face Shorty in an impromptu contest for the Respect Championship.

Although Shorty escaped the contest with his championship thanks to Kacee Carlisle and a disqualification loss, the big story here is that Eddie Diamond is back and it’s Diamond Time!

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Party Time ends, Platinum's time begins!

Platinum Icon shocks the world

GXW No Respect was a show to remember, but maybe not for the right reasons. No Respect’s main event was one for the ages. Two fan favorites in “The Platinum Icon” Phil Brown and “The 24/7 Party Animal” Mitch-a-Palooza did battle in the packed Hopewell Community Center, and the fans were on their feet throughout the entire contest. These two iconic superstars fought each other to the very end, but before Brown could connect with his patented Platinum Kick, The World Champion scored the upset with a surprise backslide to put Brown away and retain his coveted GXW World Heavyweight Championship. As the celebration continued between Mitch and Phil, the crowd went silent as “The Platinum Icon” laid out his friend with a devastating Platinum Kick. Phil Brown has stated the he wants the spotlight, and the recognition that he feels Mitch-a-Palooza has stolen from him, and that he intends to take it, along with the GXW World Heavyweight Championship.

Will Mitch be able to combat this newly awakened Phil Brown? Or will Phil Brown take the fame that he feels he so rightfully deserves?

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May 22 in Prince George!

Don't miss Ground Xero bringing more live pro wrestling action to Prince George on May 22nd with REVOLUTION XERO- with appearances by Axl Rotten, Consequences Creed, Doink the Clown, and Ricky Morton, plus all of your favorite Ground Xero superstars!

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GXW Meet & Greet

Ladies and Gentlemen, on Saturday, April 17th Ground Xero Wrestling presents GXW No Respect, live from the Hopewell Community Center. After the live excitement of GXW takes off, you will have the chance to meet all of your favorite GXW superstars. Just be at the Bojangles in Hopewell at 9:00pm to meet all of the men and women of GXW! Don’t forget to join us at 5 pm at the Hopewell Community center for No Respect! Saturday, April 17th is a day you most certainly won’t want to miss, be there!

3519 Oaklawn Blvd
Hopewell, VA
(804) 452-5090

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GXW Goes Extreme!!

Ground Xero Wrestling has many amazing, athletic, and charismatic superstars. But none of these superstars are as hardcore, as extreme, as the new addition to the GXW roster Axl Rotten! The GXW World was shaken to its core on March 20th in the Hopewell Community Center, when Shorty Smalls was challenged and defeated by the ECW original. Axl Rotten is known for his bloody and brutal matches in ECW, but now that he has invaded the world of GXW one has to wonder will he bring the same sheer brutality to GXW that he brought years ago, and with a victory over the Respect Champion Shorty Smalls could it only be a matter of time before the “The Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freak” is representing GXW with the gold around his waist? Find out as GXW takes over the Hopewell Community Center on Saturday April 17th.

Finally, the biggest spectacle in the history of professional wrestling has come to GXW Shop. Xero Hour II was the event that took the GXW World by storm and changed the very foundation of this industry as we know it! And now this is your chance to bring this revolutionary event home! Such historic matches include: Eddie Diamond and Shorty Smalls' rivalry finally comes to ahead as the two face off in a devastating Street Fight for the GXW Respect Championship. The GXW Tag Team Championships are also on the line as Standards and Practices defend against The Holy Union in one of the most dangerous matches in wrestling today, a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match. And in what many are calling the greatest match in GXW history Mitch-A-Palooza takes on the Pharaoh for the coveted GXW World Heavyweight Championship. These great matches and more available when you order Xero Hour II. Bring home a piece of history today for only 10.00!

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GXW No Respect feat Axl Rotten!!

Ground Xero presents NO RESPECT live in Hopewell on Saturday April 17 featuring ECW original AXL ROTTEN!!! This is one you don't want to miss!!!

Also there has been a change in the date of the Blackwell show from April 16 to April 23

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Eddie Diamond Injury Update

Xero Hour II was a phenomenal night filled with amazing matches and moments that will stand the test of time, but someone who will defiantly never forget this amazing night is Eddie Diamond whom during his GXW Respect Championship defense against the always dangerous Shorty Smalls sustained an injury that many believed would end the career of the Tennessee native. But upon speaking with Garett Freeman, an EMT who rushed to the aid of the former champion, we have finally gotten an update on the condition of Diamond. “After an evaluation it was believed to just be a simple stinger, but upon arrival to the hospital it was noted that his spinal column was actually tapped out of alignment due the impact of the lariat, this man is lucky to be walking quite frankly.” Said Freeman. “Eddie is very determined to return to the ring, but returning now could be very dangerous, I would give Eddie about 4-6 weeks before he can safely return to in ring action.”

Now that it is confirmed that Eddie Diamond will return one has to wonder if he will be gunning for Shorty Smalls and looking to regain his GXW Respect Championship.

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Holy Union Loses Tag Team Championship!!

On the night of March 22, 2009, Ground Xero Wrestling presented GXW Trinity. GXW Trinity was a fantastic event that saw the debut of one of the most exciting superstars in the Ground Xero locker room, Deacon Strickland. Deacon Strickland, along with his mentor, the always Charismatic Reverend J. Boogie, pulled out a very impressive victory on that night, forming The Holy Union. Since Trinity The Holy Union has been shocking and awing each and every audience they step in front of, from the Prince George High School to the Hopewell Community Center, when these two walk through that stage, the people know they are in for a treat. The latest triumph for this talented duo came at Xero Hour 2, when The Holy Union did battle with arch rivals Standards and Practices in a grueling Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the GXW Tag Team Championships. This match had its fair share of exciting moments, even to the point where everyone in the Hopewell Community Center was on heir feet. But when it came down to the wire, The Holy Union defied the odds and grabbed the titles to become the GXW Tag Team Champions. Ever since that night these two men have been on a very impressive roll.. With recent problems with the alliance of Timmy Danger, Raphael, and Deimos, The Holy Union has lost their recently acquired titles to the Dangerous Alliance in Hopewell and is looking to the GXW Commissioner for a rematch!!

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Hopewell Show!

Ground Xero returns to Hopewell on Saturday for this weekend's double-header!!

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GXW Returns to Blackwell

Don't miss the show THIS FRIDAY!! All of the extreme live pro wrestling action you have come to expect from Ground Xero invades Blackwell once again! Bell time 7pm only $5!!!

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GXW returns to Prince George High School this Saturday! Only $5, Live Pro-Wrestling Action!!!

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In Honor Of the new GXW Heavyweight Champion Mitch A Palooza buy his “ITs Time To Party”t-shirt and GXW Presents “Beg For Mercy” DVD for only $ 20.00!!

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2 New Shows!

Catch some live pro wrestling action this weekend in Blackwell and next weekend in Charles City!!

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Ground Xero Wrestling returns to The Hopewell Community Center on February 20 for "Enemy of The State." An action packed night of wrestling that only GXW can bring! It has been one month since Xero Hour 2 and the foundation of GXW has been rattled for the start of 2010. So many questions left unanswered from ...Xero Hour 2. Will they be answered at Enemy of the State? Find out on February 20 at the Hopewell Community Center!

The Main Event match has been signed for February 20th straight from President Cullen’s desk! The Pharaoh has issued his rematch clause for the 20th against Mitch A Palooza, the newly crowned GXW World Heavyweight Champion. After over a year of being champion, The Pharaoh lost the title to Palooza in a 45 minute classic at Xero Hour 2. Palooza has already had one successful title defense last month against Senor Sabado Noche in Blackwell, but can Palooza score another victory against The Pharaoh in Hopewell. The Pharaoh has been one of the dominant competitors in GXW history; can he regain the coveted title that he held for so long? With so many fans claiming that their last encounter was one of the best matches in GXW History, this should be another classic confrontation! Will Palooza continue his Cinderella story as GXW World Heavyweight Champion? Or will The Pharaoh reclaim what many fans feel is rightfully his? Find out on the 20th!

Speaking of GXW World heavyweight Champion Mitch A Palooza, where ever he has been as of late, GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua has been two steps behind him. Fuqua is still irate about having the rug pulled under him by Palooza at The Xero Rumble last November. Fuqua has gone on the record to state that his lawyers are still investigating the legality of Palooza winning the Rumble. After the brutal beat down Fuqua landed on Mimic at Xero Hour 2 is any indication of the mean streak this man has, then GXW is in for a world of hurt. The hated Fuqua will be there on the 20th and as usual The Big Easy will have a lot to say. What exactly will Fuqua have to say about the Palooza World Title situation? Be there at 5 PM at The Hopewell Community Center to find out!

Newly crowned GXW Respect Champion Shorty Smalls will also be in action on the 20th. Smalls displayed one of the most heinous acts in GXW History. After knocking Diamond unconscious with a lariat while he arms was wrapped in a chain, Diamond was stretchered out of the arena. However Smalls then attacked Eddie Diamond on a stretcher at Xero Hour 2 and then pile drove him on his already injured neck. Rumor has it that doctors have cleared Diamond to be at the event, but have NOT cleared him to wrestle. Rumors have it that Diamond may be there to discuss his condition. If Diamond is there, no question Smalls will be looking at sending him to the hospital once again. Or will it be Smalls going to the hospital this time? Find out on the 20th in Hopewell for Enemy of the State!

Deimos, Raphael, and Timmy Danger cemented their alliance last month at Xero Hour 2 when they attacked Phil Brown 3 on 1. Deimos, Raphael, and Danger are scheduled to be there on the 20th; however "The Platinum Icon" Phil Brown is also scheduled to be there as well. Brown will no doubt be planning on getting some retribution on Danger, Deimos, and Raphael on the 20th. Nevertheless where this newly formed alliance, may have an ace up there sleeve.

Newly crowned GXW World Tag Team Champions The Holy Union will be in Hopewell on the 20th. The highly popular Holy Union will be putting their titles on the line in their first title defense since winning the belts in their dramatic TLC Match against Standards and Practices at Xero Hour 2. Speaking of Standards and Practices, both members of S&P will be in Hopewell on the 20th. Will S&P be confronting The Holy Union on the 20th? And if so what will The Good Reverend and The Deacon have to say in return? Find out in Hopewell

Also scheduled to appear
Senor Sabado Noche
Russell Roberts
Lt. Commissioner Peter Spade
and Much much more!

Doors open at 4:00 and Bell time will be at 5:00 PM!
Tickets are only $5

Also stay tuned for more info on shows on February 19 at Blackwell at 7PM, and in Prince George on February 27th!

And be sure to check out for some all new hot GXW merchandise!!!!

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The show in Charles City tonight has been cancelled due to inclement weather. Stay tuned for a rescheduled date, and be safe in the snow!

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Rescheduled Date!

The Charles City show has been rescheduled for February 6! Here is the updated flyer:

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Get your hot GXW merchandise online right here! Click the link above or simply go to GXWWRESTLINGSHOP.COM to order shirts, DVDs, and more! Free shipping on all items!

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Ground Xero Wrestling has decided to change its look!! Going into the new year President Cullen has decided to change the logo for GXW. He has also said there will be BIGGER changes in the year of 2010, in which he has stated will be the biggest year in GXW history!!!…..Stay tuned to!

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Just announced! TOMORROW, Friday January 22, Ground Xero Wrestling returns to Blackwell for some live pro wrestling action! Hope to see you there!

Then, next Saturday, January 30, Ground Xero invades Charles City at the Ruthville Gym Complex!

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After going 30 minutes with the "Egyptian God" Pharaoh, in a classic match for the ages. The "24/7 party Animal" Mitchapalooza pins The Pharaoh to become the New Heavyweight Champion!

Congratulations to Mitchapalooza!!!

The New GXW Heavyweight Champion!!!!

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Become a member of the Standards & Practices!!!! Become a official member of Standards & Practices by purchasing the new Standard & Practices T-Shirt!!!! With the Black tie and collared shirt on the front of the shirt and their patented slogan "When You Break The Rules We Break You" slogan on the back, this shirt will make you an extended member of the Standards & Practices and a special rule enforcer!!

Shirt Design shown FRONT and BACK

Also be sure to pick up the brand new PHAROAH T-Shirt! Show your support for Ground Xero's own Egyptian God by purchasing this hot new RED Ankh design and show your support for the GXW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

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"Achieve The Impossible"

Xero Hour 2
January 16th
Hopewell Community Center
Belltime 5pm
Admission $5.oo

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ATTENTION! Due to inclement weather Xero Hour 2 has been postponed. Ground Xero Wrestling would like to appologize to all the GXW fans who were looking forward to this epic event and for those who bought tickets in advance. GXW is in the process of rescheduling this event in January 2010, but a set date has not been confirmed. Stay updated by logging on to or call 804-356-0583 for additional information concerning Xero Hour 2.

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Just Signed to Xero Hour!!!!!! Musical Guest:Throwin Knivez!!!
Mr. Cullen Handpicked Throwin Knivez to perform at Xero Hour.From 4pm to 5pm come rock out with Throwin Knivez who will perform the Xero Hour theme song:"End of Dayz".
Throwin Knivez: Vocals: El Jay Guitar: Dana

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In this installment of the Xero Hour 2 Promotional Video Series, the highly popular Mitch A Palooza discuss Xero Hour, his 2009, his climb to the top, and most importantly his upcoming opponent at Xero Hour 2 as he faces off with the GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh. "The 24/7 Party Animal" Mitch A Palooza on December 19 at Xero Hour 2 is in for the biggest challenge of his career as he goes for the biggeest prize in GXW at the biggest show of the year. The Pharaoh as held onto the GXW World Heavyweight Title for a year now and has no plans of letting go. Will Mitch A Palooza survive this epic encounter and party all night into 2010 as GXW World Heavyweight Champion? Find out December 19 at Xero Hour 2! BELIEVE!

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The anticipation is building! Don't miss the biggest live pro-wrestling event of the year!!

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-First of all, we would like to apologize for the state of the website over the past month or so. As you may or may not have heard, Geocities closed down recently, and we were hosting the site using their service. This was the first time a large public host has shut down, so it was a very confusing transition process for everyone, and we were unable to update until we found a new host. In this transition, an initial developmental template of the site with some filler links with rather bizarre titles was accidentally displayed instead of the current site. If anyone saw this and was confused, we sincerely apologize for the error. The website is back under normal operation now with a new host. The forum is still down, so please divert discussion traffic to the Ground Xero Myspace or the all-new Ground Xero Facebook Page.

-Secondly, on December 19 at Hopewell Community Center, Ground Xero Wrestling presents its biggest show of the year, Xero Hour! An entire year of unbelievable action will climax in one night!
See the winner of the 2009 Xero Rumble, Mitch A Palooza take on the Ground Xero Wrestling Champion, The Pharaoh.
See GXW Tag Champions Standards and Practices defend their titles in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match.
See GXW Respect Champion Eddie Diamond seek payback on Shorty Smalls.
Be witness to all of this and much more at GXW's year end spectacular, Xero Hour!
Achieve the Impossible! Believe!

-Previous to that show, on Friday December 18th at Prince George High School, don't miss Countdown to Xero Hour, GXW's final event before Xero Hour. With tension mounting and electricity in the air, what excitment will happen with only one night left before the largest sports entertainment spectacle of the year?

-Also,'s "Rec Room" recently featured a video piece on Ground Xero Wrestling.

-All results from Ground Xero events in the past month or so have been posted to the EVENTS page.

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New Merch and Results!

Results from the First Night of the GXW Invasion of the Bodyslammers tour in Hopewell have been posted on the EVENTS page!!

We are also proud to announce the addition of two BRAND NEW ITEMS to the GXW online store:

Become the ultimate party animal just like Mitchapalooza by purchasing his new t-shirt!!!!! For $15.00 become a 24/7 party animal!! visit Hurry limited supply available!!!

Bring home the excitement of GXW as GXW presents Beg For Mercy. A landmark event as GXW debuts in Richmond, VA at the Blackwell Community Center with heart stopping, pulse pounding, in your face action! Matches include The GXW Television Title on the line as Deimos defends against "The Big Easy" Martin Stanley Fuqua! Watch the edge of your seat thrills as Eddie Diamond battles GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh! Don't miss the unforgettable contest between Standards and Practices against Mitch A Palooza and Phil Brown! Also featured are The Holy Union, Shorty Smalls, Timmy Danger, Mark Bravura, and much much more! All this excitement and thrills for just $13!

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Invasion of the Body Slammers Tour!

Come out in October to catch some spooky live pro wrestling action at any of these dates and venues!!!

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Xero Hour DVD for sale!

New!!! GXW presents "Xero Hour" DVD on sale!!! for $13 To purchase your copy of the biggest show in GXW History visit!!

The Pharaoh vs Phil Brown GXW Heavyweight Championship-Cage match
Standards & Practices vs Da New Bloodz GXW Tag team Championship-TLC match
Deimos vs Mark Bravura GXW TV Championship
Eddie Diamond vs Jeff Early-GXW Cruiserweight Championship
Martin Stanley Fuqua vs Reverand J Boogie and many more matches!!!!

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The Egyptian God Returns!

The Pharaoh makes his triumphant return after a 2-month absence. No one has heard form the Egyptian God since the Pharaoh/Diamond Best-Of-Five Series where the young Eddie Diamond defeated The Pharaoh 3-2. But he returned in a way that no one had ever expected... A Good Guy????

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GXW's Valkyrie at the National Friday

Attention Ground Xero Wrestling fans! After you catch some intense wrestling action at Blackwell Community Center in Richmond, come on over to The National (708 E. Broad St.) at 8:30pm to support Valkyrie of GXW fame with her heavy metal/rock band Thismeansyou as they compete in the Battle to open for GWAR! It's going to be a great show, a great venue- and she needs your support so that her band can take advantage of this excellent opportunity!

Click the button below to buy tickets with Paypal for only $10 each, and specify what name you would like them to be listed under at Will Call! Or if you don't have Paypal- just show up and say that you are there to see Thismeansyou!

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Ground Xero Wrestling brings their brand of intense wrestling action to Bellemeade Community Center in Richmond THIS FRIDAY!! Don't miss it- show starts at 6:30pm!

Also! GXW proudly announces another DOUBLE HEADER WEEKEND with TWICE the live pro wrestling action! Friday Sept 18 GXW will be at Blackwell Community Center, and Saturday Sept 19 GXW returns to Hopewell!

Stay tuned in the near future for hot new GXW merchandise on the webstore, and a brand new messageboard and forum! In the mean time, please continue to direct all discussion of Ground Xero events to the Myspace page!

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This Saturday's Ground Xero Wrestling show at the Hopewell Community Center will only cost you $1 per person for admission. That's $5 for your average family, or you could bring plenty of friends!!. Come early at 4pm for FREE DINNER!

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Powhatan Show Friday!

This Friday!!!


Come see GXW Superstars Pharoah, Deimos, Phil Brown, Martin Stanley Fuqua, Standards and Practices, the Holy Union, and more...

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New GXW Commissioner Announced!!

New GXW Commissioner Announced!!!!!!!

You won't believe who it is!!

"The Boss" Mr. Cullen made a huge announcement that the finalist were Jason House, Luke Dixon and Aaron canada at the "The Good, the Bad & The Xero Show". But Mr. Cullen received a late fax on friday afternoon, which appeared to be an application for the GXW Commissioner position. Mr.Cullen felt that the applicant was the perfect fit for the job with years of experience and the knowledge to take GXW to the next level.

The Mayor of Hopewell, Virginia Mrs. Brenda Pelham!!!!!!!!

She has decided to take on the position and take GXW to new horizons. Her first order of business was to come back to Hopewell on August 29th with a " GXW Back to School Jam" The Show will only be $1!!!!!!! She has also decided that there will be Free Food!! Free School Supplies!! Free Music & more!!!

Come see all the GXW Superstars in Action!!!
The Pharaoh
Phil Brown
The Holy Union
Standards & Practices
Martin Stanley Fuqua
Shorty Smalls

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August 15 Show!

Are you ready to party with GXW at the 1st Annual Block Party when GXW returns to Hopewell on August 15???? Are you ready to find out who the next GXW Commissioner will be?? Be there!!

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GXW Forum Temporarily Down

Attention all GXW forum junkies!! Unfortunately the forum is currently down due to circumstances beyond our control with the host. While we search to resolve the issues with the current messageboard or find a new solution, please direct all discussion traffic to the GXW Myspace. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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GXW at Hopewell and Hotchkiss!

Come see all the GXW Superstars in Action!!! With the recent events of GXW Green & Black, GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh leads Eddie Diamond 2 to 1 in the Best of Five Series for the GXW RESPECT Title. The Pharaoh plans on finishing the series on the 18th, but Diamond has other plans. This match will be a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS MATCH!! So along with your canned good bring and your weapon of choice for Pharaoh and Diamond in their match!

The tensions between NEW GXW Television Champion "The Platinum Icon" Phil Brown and former GXW Television Champion Deimos continue to build. Both Deimos and Phil Brown will be in the building on July 18 and anything can and probably will happen. With Shorty Smalls and Martin Stanley Fuqua also in the building on the 18 this is a time bomb waiting to explode! Find out just how the events will unfold on the 18th in Hopewell!

At "Salvation" GXW President David Cullen announced a NEW GXW Commissioner will be named soon. With the overwhelming support of the fans sending in their e-mails wanting to be Commissioner, could this be the announcement we've all been waiting for? Word around the GXW Offices has been that GXW President David Cullen will be making a HUGE announcement regarding just who will be GXW Commissioner! Will the New Commissioner be named on the 18!? Find Out in Hopewell on July 18!!

GXW World Tag Team Champions Mark Bravura and Jeff Early will be in the building on July 18. Where the hated champions are, Da New Bloodz are sure to be two steps behind. The last time GXW was in Hopewell, Jefferson Early stole a win from Da Gift. No doubt Da New Bloodz will have plenty in store for Bravura and Early in their quest to regain the Tag Team Titles. However can Early and Bravura stay one step ahead once again. Find out in Hopewell on July 18!!

Also appearing at Hopewell will be:
Peter Spade
Mitch A Palooza
Brandon Scott
The Holy Union
"Mr. Charisma" Russell Roberts
Justin Uberstud
Standards & Practices

Hopewell Community Center 100 W. City Point Rd Hopewell, VA (804) 518-1293 Bell Time is 5 pm and only $3 and a canned good gets you in the door to a night of action as only GXW can bring.

And on July 25, Ground Xero Wrestling makes it's debut at The Hotchkiss Community Center in Richmond!!! The Hotchkiss Community Center located at 701 East Brookland Park Blvd and only $5 gets you in the door!
Hotchkiss Community Center
701 East Brookland Park Blvd
Richmond, VA
(804) 646-4466
Bell Time is 5 pm and only $5 gets you in the door to a night of action as only GXW can bring. Come see all the GXW Superstars in Action!!!
GXW World Heavyweight Champion: The Pharaoh
GXW Television Champion: "The Platinum Icon" Phil Brown
GXW World Tag Team Champions: Mark Bravura & Jefferson Early
Eddie Diamond
Shorty Smalls
Martin Stanley Fuqua
Peter Spade
Mitch A Palooza
Standards and Practices
Brandon Scott
Justin Uberstud
"Mr. Charisma" Russell Roberts
The Holy Union and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!
Hotchkiss Community Center 701 East Brookland Park Blvd Richmond, VA (804) 646-4466 Bell Time is 5 pm and only $5 gets you in the door to a night of action as only GXW can bring.

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GXW Apology

GXW would like to issue a public apology to all parties hurt in the Timmy Danger/flag incident. Even though the incident occured at a GXW event, the incident was solely based on the individual and not the company. Futhermore Mr. Danger has been suspended for his actions, as of July 1st and will serve a 2 month suspension. Again, GXW offers its deepest and most sincere apology.

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Don't miss a full weekend of Live Pro Wrestling brought to you by Ground Xero, next weekend on Friday June 19th in Blackwell and Saturday June 20th in Hopewell! Save the dates!

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GXW Superstars Mitch A Palooza, GXW Television Champion Deimos, and GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh will be on hand for the event to meet with fans. GXW Merchandise such as T-Shirts, hats, and DVDs including the 2008 Mid Atlantic Show of The Year XERO HOUR will be on sale!!

The VA Comic Con is Sunday May 31 2009. Show hours are 10am to 4pm.

The address is The Crowne Plaza at 6532 West Broad Street in Richmond, VA located in the massive 6,000+ sf ballroom!

Directions: From I-95 take the I-64 West Exit #79 towards Charlottesville. Follow for 3.2 miles, and then take exit #183B. Go 0.7 miles to hotel.

Admissions: Admission to the Show is $5 per person

Also don't forget The GXW Double Shot Weekend of June 19 at The Blackwell Community Center followed the following Night at The Hopewell Community Center on June 20.

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Who will be the next GXW commisioner?

Breaking News!!
Mr. Cullen made a huge announcement the evening of Friday May 8th in Blackwell Community Center in Richmond, VA that he was hiring a new Commissioner for Ground Xero Wrestling. On Saturday May 16th he announced that the hiring was not only from within GXW but also for the outside of the company! Thus, he proclaimed that anyone had the opportunity to fill the position for GXW commisioner!!!

You could have the chance to become GXW Commissioner!!!!!

Email Mr.Cullen at or go to gxwwrestling, then click onto the forum and on the messageboard and leave your name and state why you should be the next GXW Commisioner!!
Or visit gxwwrestling on myspace and leave a comment as to why you should fill the position!!

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GXW in Hopewell on Saturday!

GXW returns to Hopewell on Saturday for another dose of EXTREME PRO WRESTLING ACTION!!

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GXW Returns to Blackwell!

GXW brings another heavenly evening of wrestling action to Blackwell with SALVATION on FRIDAY MAY 8! Be there!!

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GXW RANKINGS as of 4/20/09

Here are the top rankings based off of the Ground Xero shows this year at the Hopewell and Blackwell Community Centers. The Rankings are based on wins, losses, opponents, title changes, and past records.

1). Eddie Diamond
Eddie Diamond has been red hot this year. Not only did he rechristen the GXW Cruiserweight title into the no weight limit pure wrestling "Respect" title, But Diamond has pinfall victories over Krotch and The Pharoah.

2). Phil Brown
Former GXW World Champion, "The Platinum Icon" has been on a quest to win back his championship. He won his rematch against the Pharoah by disqualification due to the interference of Standards and Practices and Timmy Danger. Phil Brown then got his revenge in Blackwell by appearing as Mitch-A-Palooza's tag team partner and picking up the win.

3). The Pharoah
The GXW World Champion, The Pharoah has had a rough start to the year. He lost a rematch against Phil Brown Trinity due to the interference by Standards and Practices and Timmy Danger. The Pharoah then accepted a non-title challenge from the Respect Champion Eddie Diamond. The Pharoah came out on the losing end by getting his shoulder's pinned for the three count.

4). Deimos
Deimos has been proving to everyone in Ground Xero that he is a top player. Not only is he undefeated but he has picked up victories over former GXW World Champion Shorty Smalls and "The Big Easy" Martin Stanley Fuqua.

5).Shorty Smalls
Shorty Smalls returned at Trinity with a vengeance. He didn't pull out a victory but he made it known that Shorty Smalls is back. He proved this in Blackwell by making short work of Braxton Bragg.

6). Da New Bloodz
DNB: (1-0) Da Gift: (0-1)
DNB have started out 2009 with a beef with Mark Bravura and Jefferson Early. At Legacy, they won by disqualification from Bravura and Early knocking them out with their own tag team championship belts. Bravura and Early then stole their titles. In Blackwell, Da Gift tried to recover their title belts but came up short against Bravura.

7). Bravura and Early
B&E (0-1) Bravura (1-0)
The All Star tag team of Former Television Champion Mark Bravura and Former Co-Cruiserweight Champion Jefferson Early appears to have Da New Bloodz number. With stealing their belts and winning in singles competition, it appears they may very well be " Better Than" DNB.

8). Standards and Practices
Former GXW Tag Champions Standards and Practices have been trying to eradicate the fun and partying Mitch-A-Palooza. They ensured a "mandatory" health test to Palooza's tag team partner, Gamble resulting in his suspension. They then won unfairly in a handicap match against Palooza. In Blackwell, S&P then lost when surprised by Palooza's tag team partner, Phil Brown..

9). Mitch-A-Palooza
Mitch-A-Palooza has been trying to party his way to the top of Ground Xero but has had his hands full by Standards and Practices. At Trinity, S&P cost him his tag debut by the suspension of Gamble. But in Blackwell, The Palooza Man scored some retribution by tagging with Phil Brown to gain the pinfall on S&P.

11). Martin Stanley Fuqua
"The Big Easy" has been looking for Former Television Champion " Playboy" Pete. Martin Stanley Fuqua has been trying to send him messages with his commanding victory over Braxton Bragg and his near defeat of Deimos.

12). Deacon Strickland and Reverend J Boogie
The hot new rookie tag team of Deacon Strickland and the Reverend J Boogie has been making waves. It looks like big things are in the future for this tag team.

13). Braxton Bragg
Braxton Bragg has been trying to prove himself in Ground Xero. By going up against GXW's heavy hitters Shorty Smalls and Martin Stanley Fuqua, it's only a matter of time before he picks up a victory.

14). "Playboy" Peter Spade

15). Landon Thomas

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GXW Returns to Hopewell!

GXW brings more hot wrestling action to Hopewell with NO RESPECT on Saturday April 25! Don't miss this one!!

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Rapper EPIC to perform at TRINITY!

In addition to all of the extreme wrestling action you will see on March 21 in Hopewell at TRINITY, Ground Xero now proudly presents rapper EPIC as part of the cast of superstars!

Hailing from Richmond, EPIC will be performing hot tracks from his album "Blaze City",
including "Hustler", "Hate My Life", and "Bad Guy"!! Just another reason NOT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!

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  • New GXW Forum!! Be sure to register!
  • All new Photo Page hosted by FLICKR!

  • Coming soon:

  • GXW Merchandise Online Store!!!
  • More action photos!
  • Brand new shots of the GXW Superstars!


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    2000 Years in the Making…..The Era of Darkness has begun… After two years the Egyptian god has attained his conquest of becoming the GXW heavyweight champion!!!

    Now that Michael Deimos has become the GXW tv champion is he now the hunted?

    Da New Bloodz finally achieve their dream and become the new GXW Tag Team Champions after the best rivalry in the region with former champs Standards and Practices.



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    Time has run out!!! Ground Xero Wrestling invades Hopewell for one final time this year, bringing you another gripping evening of wrestling action on Saturday December 20!! Don't miss it!!! This is the wrestling extravaganza of the year- this is the show were everything comes to an end! At Xero Hour, WHERE WILL YOU BE??

    GXW Cruiserweight championship
    Eddie Diamond (co-cruiserweight champion) vs. Jeff Early (co-cruiserwieght champion)
    Street Fight

    The Pharaoh Introduces his new talk show "The Pyramid"

    Martin Stanley Fuqua vs Rev J Boogie in a strap match-
    loser of the match has to work for the winner for six months!!

    GXW Tag Team Championship
    Standards & Practices vs Da New Bloodz in a TLC match

    Gxw TV Title- singles match
    Mark Bravura vs Michael Deimos

    GXW Heavyweight Championship
    Phil Brown vs. The #1 contender, winner of 2008 Xero Rumble- The Pharaoh. IN A Suprise Match????

    also in action Mitchapoolza, Chris Gamble, "Playboy" Peter Spade, Landon Thomas, and more...........

    Also featuring live entertainment during intermission!!!

    DVDs For Sale!!

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    Ground Xero Events Available for Purchase on DVD:

    GXW presents "SeVeN" on DVD now on sale for just $10!!!

    Catch some of the latest GXW action - 7 deadly sins, 7 deadly matches.

    How to order:

    Become a sponsor!!

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    • Show your support for Ground Xero Wrestling and display your banner at our events!!
    • Become one of our valued sponsors by emailing !!